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                                                                                  Revision August 2020


                                         15 new Veterans added to Dharmansk Veterans page Aug 2020     

               A  REFLECTIVE  MOMENT

             As I move closer to retirement after nearly 30 years of breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs, I can share some perspectives.

Bernese are genuine friends for us. Intuitive, caring and loving and aesthetically beautiful. On a personal level I made my platform for breeding them "sound, companionable individuals with greater longevity." I will share some statistics in relation to my breeding program below.

Sadly, the number of breeders in Australia is diminishing/retiring. In 1925 Professor Heim in Switzerland made a profound step to save the breed after the devastation of World War 1, by gathering 100 dogs from all over Switzerland and they formed a Club to promote the continuation of the breed (including some of Pluto's progeny - he was a Newfoundland :))

Today the governances in legitimately breeding  pure bred dogs can be intimidating. As breeders of Bernese today we are guided by Codes of Ethics, Codes of Practice and a myriad of rules from State and Local authorities. To compound the situation the breed suffers from a limited gene pool. Aside striving for good outcomes for the breed (longevity, health, orthopedic soundness etc), no single breeder can achieve any more change than is accessible in the gene pool at their disposal. But we can continue to push and put weight on better outcomes with selection. In the meantime, decisions made 10+ years ago and in fact decisions made by the Club in Switzerland in  1925 could affect the next lot of puppies we put on the ground. The genetic role of the dice extends far beyond the individual parents - as is the case with human replication. Being accountable becomes intangible at times. This does not mean we should be ambivalent. The way forward is always to put pressure on decisions for improvement. Consolidating lines of repeated replication of desirable traits is strong in outcomes. Longevity is clearly desirable as it coincides with good health. Good orthopedic soundness is best facilitated with better screening settings (PennHip evaluation)

Time and time again I am asked - How do you breed them so old? At the time this aspect of breeding Bernese became important to me, researchers overseas were seeking a genetic link to longevity. From all around the world 2000 samples were provided for their evaluation and a genetic correlation was determined. This confirmation lead me to steer my breeding program by choosing for breeding,  individuals from my demonstrated longevity line.

I do believe the way forward for this breed is to look at the big picture. All breeders will continue to grapple occasionally with inconsistency. Putting pressure on better outcomes requires us to be patient and open and transparent and to also be accepting of the limitations.

                                                     It  is the breeds gene pool, in which we all share, that we are defending.

When my Bernese smile at me with the swishing of their innocently happy tail wagging,  sharing their warmth and love, I do understand the privilege of their unique company.

                Longevity is benchmarked as 7 years for a Veteran. The following longevity statistics are derived from my litters from 1992 to 2013.

  (some earlier litters were before my awareness of selecting for genetic penetration of longevity, therefore I expect an improvement (post 2013 data)

                                                                             Statistics for Dharmansk Bernese -

                                                                             70 % of dogs achieving greater than 7 years not more than 14 years

                                                                             15 % of dogs  5 yrs but less than 7 years 

                                                                             15% longevity unknown at this point in time (3 individuals accidental death)

              The primary cause of death, inclusive of individuals obtaining the greater age of 10-14 years,  appears to consistently be a form of cancer.

        There are occasional issues that affect the Bernese that can be environmental -  skin conditions and inappropriate dietary rations.

      Orthopedic soundness is predictably better in progeny from the incorporation of suitable PennHip evaluated potential breeding individuals.

        My data seems to suggests that this more predictable improvement also correlates to a lack of incidence of ACL tear ligament injury.

              With the number of breeders in Australia decreasing it has been a high priority for me to mentor. This is an immensely difficult task.    

    Finally,  I do believe I have fulfilled that goal I set myself some 5 or 6 years ago. There is always so much more for us to learn with this discipline.

                                               Perhaps it is the striving for knowledge and a level of perfection that is the attraction of the quest.

    In summary, I am pleased I chose to prioritize longevity in my breeding program 2 decades ago and I am pleased I continue to incorporate PennHips as a screening tool for  evaluation of  orthopedic soundness in potential breeding stock.


                                AHOME WITH  MY  VETERAN  BERNESE  2020


                                                                     Odee 11                                                                                           Ruby 12


                                     Bear ~ 10 y                                                               Lassie ~ 11                                               Annya  ~ 8







                                                                                   Revision December 2018

                                  ♫ ♫  ♫

         C H R I S T M A S    G R E E T I N G S   FROM    DHARMANSK   DECEMBER 2018


                                         Merry Christmas and our best wishes for the coming year from us all !


                                                                                                    Dec 2018      

             Annya                            Mr Bear                           Velvet


    Chocolate camping holiday                 Miss Mickey              Pandora having chats with Dad


  ♫   ♫ ♫  ♫

     C H R I S T M A S    G R E E T I N G S   FROM    DHARMANSK   DECEMBER 2017


                                              Merry Christmas everyone  and best wishes for 2018 from us all !

              At last we have puppy plans for 2018 with the 'coming of age' of new breeding stock.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Nov 2017

                  20 new Veterans to include in Veterans section since the last revision

   Congratulations to Ruby who is 10.5 years of age and now a great grandma in the breeding program



                                                                          Assortment of fun pics from this last year


    cute stuff in Tassie              Chocolate boating                         Chocolate bathing


                         Bernie                                                 Teddy Gall                                                                        Olive


                  Nala and Tango in Hawaii                          Tango hugs for Tracy            Nala & Tango vow reknewals


                   Archie                                                              Holly hugs                                                                                        Holly


                       In Japan - Mondo                    &                          Rin                            &                                     Yuki


  KL ,Vienna  & fam visit from S.Aust                       Vienna and KL                                                KL                                        KL & VIenna


                                                                                                            Reggie Mussared


                            Shelby                                                                          Morrison                                                                 Bear Hawkins


                                              Boo                                             Romi                              Pia


                                    Pandora in Tassie                                      Pandora's car :)                            A favorite walk for Pandora


                                                                      Lassie nearly 9 yrs now - Pandora's,  Tango's  &  Pia's  mum


                                                                                                                                                                                     Dec 2016

  ♫   ♫ ♫  ♫

            C H R I S T M A S    G R E E T I N G S   FROM    DHARMANSK   


                                              Merry Christmas everyone  and best wishes for 2017 from us all !



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      June 2016

                   Love is a trusty Bernese Mountain Dog - here is Chocolate :)




                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dec 2015



  ♫   ♫ ♫  ♫

              C H R I S T M A S    G R E E T I N G S   FROM    DHARMANSK   




                                         Merry Christmas everyone  and best wishes for 2016 from us all !




                                                                          Feb/March 2015

This Revision includes:- a Tribute to Charlie's amazing 13 years, new puppy photos, new friends

Canine Assoc revision to breeding rules, revised Code of Ethics on its way, The World Bernese Mountain Dog Book about to be published



          Tribute to Charlie Gall in his 14th year     27.12.2001  -  16.11.2014        Dharmansk Misty Intalude


            Charlie was born 27th Dec 2001 to Zhali - Dharmansk Forest Mist and Dylan - Shadow Wizard of Estcarp Imp NZ

     He leaves behind siblings Abbey 13, Nanya and Barney 11 years, mother Zhali 12 years and her sister Bella 13 years and Bonny 10 years                    

        Below is the website link that Charlies family have created in honour of this beautiful boy

                Check out Charlie’s growing website


        Previous puppies


                                  "Boo" Man about town :)                                                               Benson                                                                Maggie                     


                           (General) Patton                            Boo again                                       Higgins and Bentley                            Willow   


           NEW FRIENDS





   LOENE and Pups and New Friends


              Loene                          Scarlet and family                             Muffey  


       Shelby and family                 Reggie and family                   Harley and family  


    In Japan

                               Mondo stretch


                               Osamu and family - going on summer vacation

         Yuki loves toys


         Soon to be published - Collectors Item Hardback "The World of Bernese Mountain Dogs 2011,2012,2013 "  

                                                                 For Orders      Contact Lyn brand []  Approx  EUROS  $62.00


                   Breeders Note - Proposed changes to reduce the minimum breeding age for Bernese Mountain Dog bitches in Victoria to 12 months

                                               A submission was put forward to Dogs Victoria to maintain the current minimum age at 20 months

                                            The revised decision to maintain the age at 20 months has been published in Dogs Victoria July 2015.

                                              Also the BMDCV are currently revising the Code of Ethics for breeders of Bernese Mountain Dogs


                                Christmas 2014 - where is the time going?????


        Vienna in NSW                Ruby in NSW                       Tango in Hawaii                             Yuki in Japan


     Fun pics


                                      Amelia and Cooper                                                     Olive having chats


                Prince and James working off Christmas lunch 2014                                         Vanessa's   Romi              Romi and Yoyo


                                                                         Harley and family summer vacation at the beach                                  Piper


        Holly tummy rubs                                                                  Holly growing up                                                                 

                                                                                      Dec 2014


 C H R I S T M A S    G R E E T I N G S   FROM    DHARMANSK            


                                        Merry Christmas everyone and we look forward to 2015 !!




                                                                                      Dec 2013-July 2014

  Dizzy is a Dad, Ruby, Annya, Bear, Odee and co,  Prince retires, New Friends, Photos in .....

  We moved house .....

  Longevity - Alpenhorn Magazine article.....

      Bloominthyme Hand Made Country Hats              

              Contact                                                                      ... ..of course there are Bernese on this one !!



          Photos at home       


                                              Ruby at 7+ years                                                                                This is a current photo of Bear - Ruby's son          and                Annya - Ruby's daughter                                                                                                                        


                        Princely Charming retires to be completely spoilt !!                                Prince and James at play :)                                                                 Prince and James


                      Lassie smile                                                       Mitzy,  Miss Curious                                                        Pia sweetie                                                       Mr Odee grin


   We move house                                                                     


                     Moving day and stuff everywhere  !!                                              Later the first of the new exercise yards                                                    Bear explores the new exercise yard

                    My furry friends watch on intrigued :)


    New friends


             "I thought this is where the biscuits were? "                           Kobi and friend                                   " It's mine!! "                                                               Clever Kobi brings in the newspaper!


                                    Indie " mmm I'd really like that biscuit Ben?                                                               Suzi, Steve and young Benjamin                                            Ruby and Ben            


                                           "   Serious? You mean she's for us? "                              "   Is she real?   -   I'll touch and see "                                        "  Does she eat my food? "


                                                      "  But how big?  "                                                    " Oh look she moves   !!!  "               " Ok, but first we have to establish some rules!!! "


             Dizzy's all grown up ...     


                                                   Dizzy at 1yr.                                                                                                                    .........Relaxing !!                                                                                     I'm ready now....


                                                          the charismatic lap dog??????                                                              home                                              the beach


           Dizzy is a Dad!!        Dizzy's  pups below  on their homeward journey


                         Katherine and Perceus                                                               Vienna kisses for Dwayne                                                                                       Vienna with KL


                          Mitzy out to it after a big puppy play :)                              Mitzy at play                                                                                   Leo helping .....................     



 From  “Alpenhorn” The Official Publication of the Bernese Mountain Dog of America

 Excerpts quoted directly from the article from the recent symposium in Switzerland

 “Genetic Progress in the Fight against Histiocytic Sarcoma

   Development of a Genetic Pre-test for Breeders Selection “

 “Histiocytic diseases ….breed specific genetic disorders ..have become of significant concern to BMD, Rottweiller and Retriever owners in the USA and Europe in recent years…….studies suggested a multigenic mode of inheritance based on the work by Benoit Hedan…To study this cancer, since 2003 we have collected in CNRS Rennes over 2000 blood samples and 500 tissue sample of BMD’s. The collaboration with Elaine Ostranders’s lab and our team, previously funded by the AKC Canine Health Foundation, allowed us to identify several loci associated with susceptibility to histiocytic cancers……….To investigate the possible roles of these loci and their interaction, we analyzed 1000 French BMD’s….Genetic analyses confirmed the involvement of at least five loci with an interaction between the two major loci. A paper on recent discoveries regarding interaction of these markers is pending.

Analysis of the risk and protective genotypes from French BMD’s allowed us to propose a statistical model ‘estimating’ the risk of histiocytic sarcoma development….we considered that these first genetic tests could be used to provide breeders a pre-test useful for selection in their kennel….it was divided into three scores (A, B and C) On the French tested BMD population, dogs with a score A were estimated to have four times more chance to be healthy dogs (older than 10 year) while dogs with a C score were estimated to have four times more risk to be affected by HS. We validated their use with recent collaboration of the French BMD club and several French breeders on multi-generation families….. This pre test is intended to help breeders in their selection and breeding programs and should be used as a selection factor amoung others (hip dysplaysia, confirmation, behavior etc) and not to be detrimental to genetic diversity. ….Research is ongoing…grant fully funded by Joye Neff’s Berner Lover Fund”….…

 …It is a RISK test to be used as a tool for selection

          Not all dogs at risk (IndexC) will develop cancer BUT a majority will

•          Not all dogs with a  good index (Index A) will be healthy, BUT a majority will

         Advice to breeders is to keep genetic diversity

•          This index should be just one of many selection criteria. If a dog with a C Index has a number of other positive qualities, mate it with Index A or B dogs

•          Avoid Index C X C matings

•          Select for future breedings dogs in the litter "

  summation – This is an amazing development and step forward for longevity in the Bernese Mountain Dog and addresses specifically improved breeding strategies.  To comprehensively implement such a test, the research, sample collection, analysis and data will be ongoing for many years to come. 

 This is validation of the genetic and heritable component in breeding good longevity from individuals/lines that demonstrate longevity and good health.


  Photos in from Christmas


                                        Ollie  and Santa                                                                                   Pandora's Christmas Greeting                                                                   KL with Sam and Santa                


             In Japan this year

                   The Bernese Gathering  celebrating one year


                                                                                                                                                                                      Rokkou Observatory night views


                                                    The photo mosaic- Awajishima                                                                                                  Walking Rokkou Mountain


                                            Magic Moon  ....Rin watching                                                                                                                                                Yuki poses :)


                                                                                                              Mondo and his family


                                 Rin at play in the snow                                                                                  Mondo at the seaside                                                                      Rin learning to swim


       At play .......              Yuki                                                                                                                    Rin                                                                                                               Mondo                      


                        Yuki's family                                                                                            Yuki Dance!!                                                                                         Fountain  at the Aoba Forest


                                      Yuki loves her blanket                                                                      Rin comfie sharing                                                                       Mondo very comfortable!!


                                                                                                                Rin and some of his Family




    Photos in - Back Home


          Daisy  in Tassie                                                                                          and the bean bag                                                                                                  watching TV


                                                                                                 Pandora and Warren surveying and contemplating the morning  ahead with a kiss :)


                                                                             Pandora asking to sleep on the big bed                                                                        hmm                                                            Comfie now :)


                                                        Ollie                                                                                          Happy Ollie                                               Ajax and Barney toughing it out?                 


                        Loki waiting for his treat                                                                             Helen, Zara and Buttons                                               Buffey swimming over the summer


                                                                                                                               Claudia growing up 


                                                                                                                      Katherine and Perceus

                                                                                                                                                                                                    End of July 2014 News and Updates revision


     ♣ ♫  Dec 2013

          C H R I S T M A S    G R E E T I N G S   FROM    DHARMANSK                     


                           Bear is singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 


                           Ruby is smiling and very happy to extend to everyone our Seasons Greeting 

                                                   Best wishes for a Prosperous and Happy 2014!!


                                 Princely Charming's version ......                            I would rather play......                              .... if  I  tip my head back its off! ...      


                                       .... ok .. you can put it on now                                      ....there!!                                  ...Merry Christmas everyone!!


                                  AND FROM     Mr Odee                                                           Pia                                                       Lassie                 


                                             Annya                                                     Dizzy                                                                     & Fay                               

                                  So from us all Merry Christmas and we look forward to 2014 !!



                                                                                         Jan-May 2013

                                    Exciting News for May - Welcome new Import "Scenery Edge of Disaster"        


                    Recent photos in


                                                                I love these photos :) This is Chocolate quietly going about his companion work :)




                                                                                        Information will be added to  "Profiles" page  for updates.



                           Recent photos in..... this is Walter as Gym Mascot!!


                                                                                                                                                                                              and with Chris


                                                                                                                                feeling the heat....


                                Dogs for Kids with Disabilities - Freida


              Freida with Katie Hunter    - executive Director of the program                                  Frieda at Obedience classes


                                     Freida in her foster home draped over for cuddles :)                                      Freida..............................   growing !!


       In Hawaii


                                                                                                                      Tango in Hawaii



                                                           Buttons settling into her new home   .......................                                           time out (resting on her paw - cute!)


        smoochy hugs  for Alison                            first time at the beach with Helen               rest on Phils knee for ear rubs:)                                               lean on Phil


        The Japan Connection                                       starting with Yuki


                                             Masami, Yuki and Takuya                                                                   which road does Yuki choose?


                                                       Yuki dances in the snow                                                               The Ezo deer in the snow forest in Japan



                                                            Yuki's favorite toy                                                                                 Yuki is growing quickly now

                                                                                                         Mondo and his family



                                                            Snow!                                                                                                 Mondo helps Fumiya with the chores !!



                                                                                                                               Time out   !!                                 

                                                                                                             Rin and Family




                                        Rin would really like the toy frog                                                           Rin learning to 'wait' for his meal


                                                                                                                                                                                              Got it!!     




          Recent photos in




                                                          Bentley upside down resting                                                               Bentley Hugs


                                         Douglas Bernese & Janet in the "OZDOGZ" team....

There are approx 18 members, all different breeds,  that regularly provide entertainment at Retirement Villages

Janet says " we do, and have done this work as a group of friends, quietly without ceremony since Aug 1999 - to make others lives perhaps a little better - not for any reward other than that....Every year we are booked out so we must be doing a good thing!



                                                                                         Douglas and Janet at work



                              Recent photos in


                                                 Edward   "Eddie"


                                                                                                        Latest Cute puppy pics












                  Recent photos in


                                                                                                              Holly  companion Nanny


                                  KL - at Obedience training  ?                                                KL the alarm clock                                                   KL ready in the car


                                           KL at Christmas                               KL's Brother Kobi at Christmas                                        Kobi


                                                                                                      Andrew, Loene, Lincoln and Miller




                                                                                   Odin  - now recovering from recent surgery     


                                      Featuring Olive............



                                                   Olive at work                                                                                            Olive working on the clients !!                      


            Olive the lap dog                                        Time out with Dad                                                  Can I have it?                                               Please???        


                 Recent photos in

                            . .    .

                                                                                                                      Ruby in N.S.W.




                         Samyia and Buffey hanging out                                          Zeb with his toys                                                              Zeb


                                                                                             Zollie turns 9    - see Veterans



                     C H R I S T M A S    G R E E T I N G S   FROM    DHARMANSK                    Dec 2012




                                                                                           September 2012



                             Odee in the kitchen   "OK Here's a kiss for you Mum"                       " What's wrong ? I thought you'd love that :)"    


                                                                                               Odee having a rest in the exercise yard


                                                                                                                Princely Charming


                                                                                 Prince                                                          Prince - Portrait by 12 yo Jackson Cook



                                                                                      Zollie in her 8th year with Zeb nearly 2 yrs . Qld


                                                Pandora in Tassie                                                                                 Pandora getting her way at last!!!


                                            Pandora's beach holiday                                                              "What is that frothy stuff???


                                        Olive learning to stay in her basket                                             Samyia and Teddy hanging out on the weekend


                        Sully                                                                               Odin sharing toys                                     Vanessa with Romi        


                                                                                                   Ganesha ~ 1 yr old and portrait done by Heike


                                                                                                      Ganesha  (Panda daughter)


                     Ganesha cooling off in the shower base                                   Ganesha in Mushel                                         Ganesha and Shadow


                                                                                   Buttons with Ruby (Grandmother) visiting  at Nannas place


                                                                                                              Buttons with Jess


                                Charlie cooling off at doggy daycare                                                             Bozzley with Rebecca and new friend Maisy


                                    Abbey  & Cassie - lap dogs incorporated??                                                         Abbey & Cassie sharing  toys


                                                           Jan 2012 to June 2012


                                                                                          Will playing with his cuddly mate "Bear"


                                    Nelson with Geoff                                           Nelson                                                      Nelson with Emily                                    


                            Sully with Bruce and Yvette                                  Sully                                                          Sully's new toy!!


                                    Edward and Imogen - who is for first bath?                            Coopers broken toe !!           Sassy visits with Sally & Nick 


                               Daisy in Tassie                                                               Hugs for Carolyn                                                            Couch potatoes                 


                                                                                 Hope in Qld  wearing her ribbons and bows with Tiah                                                 


                                                                                                                         Luna hugs


                            Kobi & Bruno partying  "Whats the problem Mum?"                           Bruno & Kobi with Diane for afternoon tea squash     


                                                                                                            Inca enjoying her bone


                       Miller "establishing" herself                           Miller & Lincoln - Love Bugs                         Loene, Miller & Lincoln winery tour at Bright


                                Miller with Andrew and Loene                                                                   Odin with his new family                              


                                              Maya with Dermott                                                                                      Maya settling in     


                     Pandora in Tassie helping Warren with the chores                                     Olive in Qld checking out the horses with Steve 


              Walter getting comfy on the long drive                               Bliss    (Walter with Alana)                                               Walter  2 months    


                      Walter heading off with Chris                  Vanessa & Romi visiting Walter                           Walter walking with Alana                


                                                                                             Kerri with Bentleigh  Christmas 2011



                    C H R I S T M A S    G R E E T I N G S   FROM    DHARMANSK                      Dec 2011


                      I wish all our friends and extended family a very Happy 2011 Christmas

               and a Prosperous and Happy New Year ahead from Dharmansk Bernese Mountain Dogs.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Oct 2011

            Dharmansk Veteran Celebration !! & October fun pics next

                                          A Veteran Bernese Mountain Dog is described as one having attained the age of 7 years.

                            Being a Veteran Bernese is a really important milestone.

                           Today we have a very special celebration for the Bernese bred by me having attained the age of 7 years plus


                                             Bella 13 .5  years     21/12/97 to 12/7/2011                                                              Zhali    12 years     24/12/97 to 27/12/09   


                                        Nanya 10 yrs   27/12/2001                              Barney 10 yrs  27/12/2001                         Gemma 10 yrs  27/12/2001 



                                                   Charlie 10  yrs        27/12/2001 →                                                             Abbey10 yrs 27/12/2001                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


               Panda 8+ yrs   30/3/03  →                         &   Newman  now 8+ yrs  30/3/03             Bernese right to left , Bella with , Panda  & Newman now 8+ shown here both about 6 months

 Rusty  7+ yrs    2/3/2004                      Mia 7+ yrs   2/3/2004                    Katie  7+ yrs   2/3/2004         Maddy Jnr 7+ yrs   2/3/2004         Zali Jnr 7+   yrs 2/3/2004           Sam 7+ yrs 2/3/2004



                                                               Zollie 7 yrs + 23/3/2004                                                              &  Anastasia as a puppy 23/3/2004                                        

 Achieving good longevity in the Bernese that I breed at Dharmansk has become an integral commitment to my breeding program. 

Today we really have something special to celebrate with these Bernese achieving their Veteran Milestone !!!

At Dharmansk my approach for breeding embraces individuals (lines) demonstrating good longevity.

My plan acknowledges these individuals and each litter includes in the parentage combination at least one partner with

 this or other known longevity lineage. I believe, and overseas studies support, that longevity has genetic expression and

 therefore  I will continue with earnest,  this work,  in my breeding program to maximize genetic penetration of

longevity in the Dharmansk breeding program. The results so far are very rewarding and consolidating.


                                 Fun Pics                                Oct 2011


                                   Barney babysitting                                        Nell helping out with the studying            Pandora helping out with relaxing 


          Bear determined to get all of those Camelia flower chew toy  things down !!                                 Pandora in Tassie herding         


                                                Piper rather comfortable                                                                        Buffey's pat slave


                        Riley's new very groovy non slip boots                 Buffey trying to steel the groovy boots                           End of play 



                 'Edward' with Pam and Wolf                                  Riley the teenager                      'Douglas'  with Gyles and Janet


                                                                                                    March 2011

Are you suited to a Bernese Mountain Dog - An Australian Perspective                                                                                             


Are you suited to a Bernese Mountain Dog? An Australian Perspective  

                                                                                                    by  Fay Carvill                  

 The Bernese Mountain dog is a friend and companion functional as an integral member of the family/household. With a moderately low activity level the BMD can be suited to a variety of circumstances because the primary criteria for his happiness revolves around the level of interaction and companionship he enjoys with his owner. 

Suitability is therefore more about the relationship with his owner rather than other extraneous considerations. 

With correct type in temperament represented (this is a must), the Bernese is a most agreeable companion when out and about socializing. They usually love the car and enjoy to be included even if only to watch. At home the Bernese wagging tail can clear your coffee table in one sweep and wag a toddler off his feet!! Kitchen and household duties are usually observed in a semi sleep repose from a favorite tactical observation point. (You will probably have to step over himJ ) Computer work or any idle time sitting around is always accompanied by the Bernese strategically parked on your feet for a nudge and a pat. They are great with children and most adaptable to all manner of other family pets and can be bonded quite easily at a young age to pet rabbits etc. Cats in the household are usually still the boss !! 

Not naturally inclined to retrieve or chase the Bernese prefer to be in your company. 

Potential owners need to be aware that the Bernese adolescent period does need some extra time. The happy go lucky compliant puppy begins to “push the envelope” exploring the limitations of his world. It is important not to shut him out during this temporary phase of his development & learning as this can result in stress and anxiety. Adopting a patient and calm attitude giving more quiet attention is appropriate. 

Bernese are not suited to extremes of heat nor consequently prolonged periods of activity. As a rule of thumb, I believe a Bernese should never engage in any activity from which he cannot choose to rest. Thus accompanying you on a bike or horse ride or a run which may be fulfilling your agenda is not suited to him. 

“Home” is important to the Bernese and they cope just fine with a normal work day routine if consideration is given to him in the morning before you set off for work. This will balance his day until he can spend time with you in the evenings etc.  Family holidays are best catered for with an arrangement at home if he is not travelling with you. 

The Bernese Mountain Dog develops a wonderful bond with his people because of their special interaction. Most people comment that once owned by a Bernese they can never be without one in their lives. The greatest attribute of the Bernese,  is their willingness to please you. Whether you choose to explore this through obedience, showing, carting or just walking on the beach or sharing time on the couch at home, you will be touched by the beauty of these magnificent dogs and their capacity to be at one with you. 







                             Dharmansk Bernese




                                                                                             Jan/Feb 2011

                                       Recent photos in


                                      In the Hayshed                                      Bringing in the Mail                                        "This is MY sandpile"                         


                                     " Hold hands for the photo and smile"                                                                              " Kiss "                   


                                                       Zeb's sandpile                                                                                        Zeb's afternoon nap


                                           " Its your fault - you bathed me so now I have hose rage "                                          "  Don't take any notice of him - Pick me - I'm way more adorable!!"



                                                                   Tango and Riley                                                                                            Zeb 12 months


                                 Buffey & Bear - (Prince X Ruby kids)


                                                                                                                               At 8 weeks


                                                                                                                  At 16 weeks


                                                                                        At 12 weeks in the puppy exercise yard


                  With Boyd at Emerald Lake ~ 6 months of age                                     Group Shot BMDCV  at Emerald Lake                                                        Over the Bridge


Window of Opportunity for Breeding Bernese - Fertility

                                Endrometritus and Pyometra

                  Benign Hyperplaysia of the Prostate and Struvite Crystals

Breeding Bernese is no easy matter. Apart from initial screening considerations to determine suitability of breeding stock (ie Hip and Elbow evaluations, & Health criteria) , both  female and male entire Bernese  can experience limited accessible breeding availability due respectively to the above conditions. These conditions affect fertility and breeding performance and are in no way a concern for the de-sexed Pet home Bernese. Studies overseas indicate that Pyometra is at the top of the list of problems in breeding females for Bernese . My experience, in my own breeding program, is demonstrating  reliably that both males and females commence their fertile time just prior to two years of age but begin to diminish at just over 5 years of age. Whilst there may be individuals who are exceptions to this, the general picture for an optimal breeding time frame is relatively limited.


                                                                   Late Dec 2010

                       Another Milestone for Dharmansk

                             Dharmansk  6th  generation  from  foundation

Dharmansk Sweet Dream - Lassie's recent litter takes the Dharmansk breeding program into its 6th generation !!



                                                       Just born                                                                          3 weeks                                                  6 weeks


                                                In the Cart - Bernese Practice                          Flight Simulation Training for interstate and overseas puppies


                                                                                 Group shot at 8 weeks in the Puppy Exercise Yard


                                              Family Photos


                                                    Nell                                                                  Bentley                                                                 Loki


                                  Nell and Barney                                                                        Nell                                                                        Pandora


                             Pandora                                              Riley                                                      Pia                                                    Riley              


                                    Tango off to Hawaii                                               Tango cuddles                                                    Tango kisses


Histiocytosis Cancer and the Dharmansk Breeding Program


Last year, I noted here that Research facilities overseas have made great headway with regard to DNA identification of Histiocytosis Cancer, a condition that can affect some Bernese. Development of a suitable test is suggestive of a 2 year time frame. From a breeding management perspective, utilizing such a test would assist to reduce the proliferation of the condition with a collaborative approach from breeders screening breeding stock. 

At Dharmansk my approach embraces individuals (lines) demonstrating good longevity.

As the years have come and gone and I evaluate all of the Dharmansk progeny, there are significant individuals in the breeding program that have made an amazing contribution to longevity.

My plan for breeding acknowledges these individuals and each litter includes in the parentage combination at least one partner with this or other known longevity lineage. The results so far are very rewarding.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Late Dec 2010

                          Happy 13th Birthday Bella !!




                                                                                                                                                                         Nov/Dec 2010

             C H R I S T M A S    G R E E T I N G S

                                   FROM  ALL  AT  DHARMANSK !!



With Lassie about to embark on the adventure of Motherhood, and with my impending family commitments as the festive season is on the doorstep, I felt it timely to wish all our friends and extended family a very Happy 2010 Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy New Year from us all at Dharmansk.

We have had an amazing year - lots of new things happening, lots of growth, and all happily so !!

Many challenges still ahead - how else would we like to be


 Merry Christmas Everyone .........   BUT ....... what really happened was...........this ........      


                                                   Lassie is pregnant !!      

                       She is due to have her puppies mid December 2010  -   more details early in the New Year.



                                     Ruby and Prince's puppies off on their new life adventure




                       November pics - our fave shady deck


                                  Lassie and Ruby                                                                                   Mr  Odee


         Odee " I'm so good, passed my scores , I got ED 0:0 HD 0:0 !!!"                                Ruby


                                 Sept/Oct 2010

                     Couch Potatoes Incorporated Pty Ltd.


                       Fulfilling my Job Description


                       Satdy arvo AFL Footy Grand Final hype ?


                                 (left).....sharing this couch with her ...... well it really gives me the grotts !!


News on Histiocytosis Cancer Screening for Breeders


Research facilities overseas have made great headway with regard to DNA identification of Histiocytosis Cancer. Development of a suitable test is suggestive of a 2 year time frame. From a breeding management perspective, utilizing such a test would assist to reduce the proliferation of the condition with a collaborative approach from breeders screening breeding stock. 

 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                               Aug 2010

                                                                                                                Welcome Duke  !! 


                                                                         Dharmansk Wizards Prince     X     CH Swiss kiss Empire Rose


                                                                                         " Sassy" with Sally and Nick on the Snow Walk


                                                                                                                        Lassie 18 months


                                                                                                                Prince Charming 4 yrs


                                                                                                                               Panda 7.5 yrs


                                                                                                                          Katie  6 yrs


                                                                                                          Chocolate ~ 18 months


                                                                      July  2010


                                                                     Zeb  5 months  old with  Zollie  5 yrs old - romping at  the beach


                       From left to right - Great work by KL bonding with other family members

                       Lincoln is famous and recently appeared in an "Age" newspaper article on doggy day care

                       Kobi  doing just famously with the marrowbone                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                                                                    June  2010

Bernese Mountain Dog 10th Anniversary Championship Specialty Show, Victoria 

Over 100 entries is a record entry.  Bernese Specialist Judge from Finland - Satu Yla Mononen.



                          Lassie and Tilly


                         Best mates - Lassie with young Tilly  after a tough afternoons play......... zzzzzzzzzzzzz ...... bliss.......


                                                                                                                               June  2010

      Bernerped, the Australian Bernese Data Base,  suspended due to lack of support


                                                                                           June  2010

               Grand Exciting News  !!!                                                                                                                                           Welcome  Canadian  Champion  Hautbois  Rembrandt



My  sincere  thanks  to  Simon  Verge,  Dr  of  Veterinary  Medicine  in  Quebec  Canada,  for  sharing  this  beautiful  dog  of  his  breeding.  Rembrandt  has  excellent credentials  and  both  his  parents  Hautbois  Kootenay  and  Hautbois  Kelowna  have  been  successfully  shown  at  9 +years  of  age.  Rembrandt  will  undoubtedly  make  a wonderful  contribution  here.  My  first  priority  is  to  introduce  him  to  his  new  home and  friends  and  get  him  settled  in .  You  will  find more  information  about  him  in the  Profiles  pages.


                                                                                                  May  2010

                       Coralie's adorable boy  "Cooper"  to  be  offered  "at stud "


                                            Dharmansk Magic Allure 

                                                Details in Profiles - Inquiry welcome


                                                                                                           March, April 2010

Ruby's cute puppies 6-8 weeks of age                      





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Feb  2010

                                                                                               Well done Ruby !!

                                                  Dharmansk  4th  generation  puppies  from  foundation



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dec 2009

                                                           Tribute to Dharmansk Forest Mist - Zhali                      

                                                                                             24.12.97  -  27.12.09 


It is with profound sadness that I make this tribute to an amazing Bernese friend and constant companion.

One hour into her 12th Birthday, Zhali suffered a stroke and debilitating seizures. She fought on briefly to come to terms with the inevitable and has found her peace and sanctuary.

I will forever miss my little friend (and my boss).

Zhali has made, and shall continue to make an outstanding contribution to longevity through her progeny here.

Her two litters are currently 8 years and 6 years of age.

                     Zhali 6 weeks                                           Zhali 3 years                                           Zhali 5 years   

             Zhali's pups                                               Zhali 7.5 years            Zhali with her daughter and 1st Grand daughter


              Zhali   10th  and 11th Year -   Her favorite job was on the back deck supervising me with the morning and evening walk and exercise program


    Zhali' s Grandson and Great Grand daughter                   Zhali's Grand daughter and Great Grand Daughter


                                            Zhali  almost 12 years                                                     Zhali's legacy lives on    ............

  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                          Dec  2009

                        Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to our friends

                                     From all at Dharmansk



                                             Nanya 8 yrs                                             Zhali 12 years 25/12/09                     Zhali daughter & grand daughter


                                                                                                                                                                              Dec 2009

                              Cody visits



                                Will with "Bear" in his new role as Nanny



                                                                                                                                     Nov 2009

                                     Heritable Diseases Seminar Victoria 

 Victorian Canine Assoc Seminar in conjunction with Dept of Agriculture - The legislation changes explained


                                                                                                                               Nov 2009

                       Sasha and family



                                                                                                     Nov 2009

               Canine Reproduction Lecture.

              Dr Stuart Mason from the Monash Vet Clinic presented Dr Verstegen of Belgium,  who is working out of the University of Florida USA

                                                and is currently one of the worlds leaders in the field of canine reproduction. 


                                                                                     Nov 2009

             A Visit to see Tarjh and Barney


               Tarjh 3 years                                            Barney 8 years                                             Great Friends

 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                                                                                                         Sept 2009

                                     Pandas baby puppies



                                                                                                                              Sept 2009

         Interstate jet setter Zollie visits



                             Annie and Zollie                  Zollie now 5 years            Boyd and Princely hugs 


                   Smoochy Ruby ear rubs                Zollie surveying                         Boyd & Prince new friends 


                                                                 Aug 2009

         Clever Coya's beautiful babies


                  Not for much longer !!                             Ruby's family                            Who Me?                        


                              'Morning Mark                  Chocolate's family                             Chocolate's new toys


                                 Belly Rubs Ruby                                                    Coya and her pups at 2 weeks       


                                                                           Coyas pups at 4 weeks            





                 Cooper's  10 months old !!


                             Cooper and Friends Tug of War                                                   Cooper 10 months old        


                                                                                   July 2009

       Changes to State Legislation affecting all breeders

State Legislation changes (Cruelty to Animals Act),  prohibits the breeding of dogs with known genetic defects and requires

     implementation of rigorous screening by all breeders to this end.


                   Data Base updates

                                                  Dharmansk Date Base on the way  to the Berner Garde Foundation (USA) & BernerPed (Aust)


                                Sassy's Sleepover



                           Sassy and Friends at the Beach                    Sassy in 'Ella & Friends' Publication                      Sassy's Family            


          Summer 08-09   Cooper at the Beach


                                   Cooper & Friends Romping                    Sand Holes !!! Yipee !!!


                                       Cooper after the beach !!     



                      Congratulations  Coya !! - Due Feb 09

Coya is finally pregnant after 2 difficult episodes of Pyometra which is a condition affecting  reproduction.

 Pyomentra can be a problem particularly for entire  bitches over 5 years of age.

After a lot of special treatment Coya has recovered and is doing what she loves best - being a MUM !! 


                                 Awwww    I'd love a pat                                .............and a  treat                                 ..............  Pick me !!!


                                                  National Dog Magazine 


                        Jan/feb 09  - Bernese Breed feature         


                       Balto visits us at 8 months


                         Balto 8 weeks                                  Balto 8 months                                 Balto, Gillian and Zhali    


                      Zhali's 11th Birthday !! Date - 25th December 2008



Zhali was the last pup born Christmas morning in  Bonny's litter that was mostly born on the 24th December  1997. I can still remember burning toast on Christmas morning when at 8am  Bonny was busy in the whelping box again (hours after supposedly the last pup was born !!)  Now at  11 yrs of age Zhali and her sister Bella were recently included in the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America's magazine "Alpenhorn" which published a celebrated special world wide December Veterans edition .

Zhali knows everything that goes on  around the place - when, where, how,  if its right or if its wrong and she can always find a way to let me know so!! She also has a clock in her head I am sure, for at the right time morning and night she starts her excited little tap dance and circling routine to tell me its time for FOOD!! - Amazing !!

She really enjoys the freedom of her wander around the garden time and grins from ear to ear when she arrives back at the house now ready for her nap. It's all really quite precious :)


In the blink of an eye


                            Pandas baby puppies                           Chasing the Milk Bar                  " Cooper"  from Pandas last litter growing up all too quickly



Changes to rules for all breeds from the Australian Veterinary Association - PennHIP


The Australian Veterinary Association recently published an  expression of preferential support for the hip screening method PennHIP.



         Keeping abreast of all the news with Dad

 'Alby' Bernese demonstrating the importance of  staying  informed and helping as much as possible (with remote)!!



                            The Long and the short of it


                                                    Teddy & his tiny aged mate Rhodie who is currently breaking all the records with his amazing

                                                                         chemotherapy treatment progress for prostate cancer.


                                                                              Beds - Bernese survival essentials list



             A mothers work is never done !!


At nearly 12 years old Zhali still washes thoroughly her 5 yrs old daughter Katie's  face at least twice a day!! This is a privilege Zhali reserves only for her own kids, much to the disappointment of a couple of the other Bernese girls here. Katie carries  her Buzzie Bee with her everywhere and I (the human) am only allowed to mind it while she attends to her bathroom activities and dines at the Restaurant !!




                     'I know there are ducks over there Mum"                            "Pick me !!!"                                                         "Kiss"                  


                                        "Sumwun say lollies?????                             "Walk anyone?"                                 "I'm sooo  over this ....Zzzzz  


                              Cat says:- "Well do ya feel lucky?"                                    "Trickkky"  (Prince manoeuvre)                " Both hands now "