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                              How To Choose a Registered Breeder           

Choosing the breeder of your new puppy is arguably just as important as choosing your new puppy. Defining what makes a good breeder is not as easy as it seems, because not all breeders share the same priorities. A good breeder implements appropriate screening for the best possible outcomes. Visit the breeders premises to gain insight into the breed. Be happy with the facilities that house the dogs in the breeding establishment.

Ideal breeders extensively research pedigree  lines and the history of breeding stock & implement screening techniques to avoid problems in the puppies they breed . State legislation changes ( Heritable Diseases ) sets out guidelines  in relation breeding and known genetic defects and heritable diseases. It is essential to understand how best to eliminate problems wherever possible for ongoing improvement. 

 Different breeders will have different styles and different priorities.  What is your priority – is it your breeders priority too because they will be producing better examples of the breed in their area of priority.  Line up your priorities and decide how you want to live your life with your new Bernese companion and choose accordingly.

Breeders contracts and Registration-understand the information given to you in relation to the buyer and sellers obligations. It is a requirement of  Dogs Victoria for the breeder to provide  the purchaser with  pedigree papers for registered pure bred puppies/dogs. The Certificate of Registration/Pedigree should be  available to you at no charge. Pets  are sold on the Limited Register. Should the dog be sold with Show and Breeding arrangements the dog will need to be registered on the Main Register. It is my opinion that Breeding animals should be available on an outright purchase arrangement as other more protracted arrangements may compromise the intention of the breeding exercise.  Show/breeding arrangements for registration papers vary between breeders and States in this country. Be confident that the arrangement you have serves your purposes and  protects your interest in the purchase of the animal.

Ideal breeders are interested in seeing each dog reach its best potential. Puppy school,  some obedience work, social activities, carting, agility, herding, showing, tracking and more. Whatever your special interest (best friend!!) your breeder should be encouraging and always open with the ‘where to’ and ‘how to’ obtain the best advice. Your breeder is also your best resource in times of concern.

Ideal breeders are always interested in updates on the progress of your dog. This is never intended to be an intrusion on your relationship with your special friend but is simply feedback for the breeder enabling them to make choices and selections and decisions based on progeny outcomes. The information people provide to breeders on their puppies wellbeing is truly invaluable.

Ideal breeders will have temperament tested the puppies for sale and exposed them in their first weeks at the breeders establishment to explore a wide rang of circumstances. Different noises, different surfaces, people, children, bikes, lawn mowers etc.

Ideal breeders are interested in the long term well being of your pup


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